FW22 | Most Noteworthy Fashion Trends

Popular Style: Gorpcore

Gorpcore is an outdoors-inspired, dressy style. When The term was first mentioned by Jason Chen in The Cut in May 2017, he wasn’t creating a style, he was just putting a label on something that no one knew how to describe in a catch-all term. Gropcore style also represents the extension of outdoor adventure sports equipment such as mountaineering, camping and skiing to life dressing.

Hype Thing: Retro Headphones

Headsets come with the property of keeping people away, which is a sharp tool for the concave shape of the street. The representative products are Beats, Bose, Apple and Marshall

Tranding Cloth: Letterman Jacket

Letterman Jacket is a piece that combines street quality with design, and items like Louis Vuitton’s Letterman Jacket have become one of the best selling cloth this year.

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